Online Coordination System Description

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OCS can be configured to allow each user access to particular functionality, for example, read only access, edit access for single dates only, or full access. The configuration is applicable by airport and by season.

OCS enables authorised customers to access the following services, based on user permissions:

View Flights
The ability to view flights based on selection criteria for particular airports and seasons.

Edit Flights
The ability for customers to edit their own flight schedules or, where appropriately authorised, other customers' flight schedules, including deletions and offer searches. Ad hoc (single date) and series modes are provided.

In addition users can add, edit or delete a flight simultaneously at both the departure and arrival airports provided both coordinators databases are accessible via OCS.

Add Flights
An online slot request form for new ad hoc (single date) and series flights with an automated offer response.

Delete Flights
The ability for customers to delete ad hoc or series flights in their own portfolio.

Edit Offers
The ability for the customer to accept, pend or decline offers made from the coordinator’s principal coordination system.

Download Schedules
The ability to download schedule data in predefined formats based on selection criteria for particular airports and seasons. This can be done either via the View or Edit flights pages, or directly for large amounts of data.

Slot Availability
Graphical displays in a variety of predefined formats showing runway and passenger slot availability at each airport and season. This is available to all interested parties, not just registered users of OCS.

Slot Monitoring
The ability to download a file containing the current slot performance against the use it or lose it rules of the customers own flights at specified airports.

OCS enables users to interrogate the coordinators database with a series of query statements to obtain simple or complex reports on schedule data held in the database.

Note: Not all the services in OCS are available for all the airports that can be accessed via OCS.

Online Help
OCS contains help messages that are intended to enable customers to resolve the majority of questions that may arise online. The customer, and each individual user, will only be allowed the level of access authorised by the OCS Portal Administrator in the customer's application to use the OCS. Access by a customer to a participating coordinator's data is subject to the customer obtaining the permission of the relevant participating coordinator.

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