Online Coordination System Description

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What is OCS?

The Online Coordination System (OCS) has been designed to provide airline and general/business aviation customers with interactive facilities to access schedule data from participating coordinators, who are responsible for providing schedule data collection, facilitation and slot allocation services at airports.

OCS allows customers to access the databases of all participating coordinators following one easy verification process. Customers can directly manage their own slot portfolios (add, change and delete flights), produce reports on their own slot portfolios and view and download schedule data of all carriers serving the airport.

To access and use the OCS, you will need to enter into an agreement and set up one or more authorised user accounts with the OCS Portal Administrator. You may apply to enter into this agreement by completing and submitting the Account Application Form available from this Web Portal. The annual access charges must also be paid in advance.

The full service will not be available until you have completed the application process.

The agreement will be subject to the OCS Terms and Conditions Of Use and Privacy Policy, which you should read carefully before submitting your application.


System Description >>
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