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The Online Coordination System (OCS) is a powerful system that allows users to access coordinators’ databases for airports around the world. OCS provides real-time airport slot availability displays, and OCS users can view and download the latest schedule information. Authorised users can make online requests to add, change and delete slots and get immediate responses, including automatic offers and the ability to coordinate slots at multiple airports at the same time. OCS was developed by Prolog Development Center (PDC) for Airport Coordination Limited (ACL) and went live in 2003. The vision was for OCS to enable airlines and other users to access multiple coordinator databases from a central portal, allowing them to coordinate slots at many airports in a convenient and secure way. Other coordinators quickly joined, and now there are about 120 airports from more than 20 countries around the world available and accessible on OCS. In 2011 the coordinators using OCS formed the OCS Portal Group as a forum to manage the OCS Portal and initiate developments of the website. The OCS Portal Group has a Technical Working Group to initiate developments, and the TWG holds regular User Group meetings to solicit ideas from the customers on how to make OCS better.

If you have any suggestions or ideas, please contact us at help@online-coordination.com.

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