What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files stored in your computer or mobile phone’s internet browser (e.g Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari). They are usually used by websites to improve services for you, to find out more information about the popularity of a website, and for delivering more relevant advertising.

How does OCS use cookies?

OCS uses cookies for the purposes listed below.

1. Site performance cookies

OCS uses cookies to remember some user preferences.

2. Registration cookies

OCS uses cookies for registered users to make logged in functionality work.

Can I use OCS without cookies?

You can access OCS content without using cookies by turning them off in your browser’s settings. OCS automatically detects if your browser does not allow cookies and handles your session accordingly.

How do I turn cookies off?

Cookies are saved to the browser, so to turn off any cookie you will have to do so for each browser you use. Usually people have concerns about the use of cookies by third party advertising companies.  These cookies will only ever collect anonymous data about a visit. OCS does not use any cookies that are designed to capture browsing information about a visitor outside of our own website.

Alternatively, you can turn off all cookie use within your browser by following the instructions on the below pages:

Where can I read more information?

You can read more information by visiting All About Cookies and Your Online Choices.

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