Online Coordination System Description

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The charge to access OCS is €400 per annum for 2 user IDs for access to the database of all participating coordinators, initially payable 12 months after the acceptance of the application. No deductions will be made for access to the OCS for less than a 12 month period. For new airline applications the first 12 months of OCS usage is free.

For administrative and/or operational reasons some customers may want multiple user accounts and access to the OCS.

The charge for multiple user accounts to access the OCS is the charge for 2 user IDs set out above, plus €50 for each additional user account required for 12 months from acceptance of each user account application, payable in Euros on submission of the application for each additional licensed user. No deductions will be made for the access to the OCS for less than a 12 month period.

All charges are exclusive of Value Added Tax, where applicable, and any other relevant taxes which may be payable or applicable from time to time. All charges must be paid by credit card.

If the agreement is renewed, the charges for the period covered by the renewal will be payable on renewal.

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