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Customer Authentication
It is extremely important that access to the OCS is restricted to authorised customers and users and that a user, when logging on to the OCS Portal, really is who they claim to be.

OCS customers will, within a reasonable time following the OCS Portal Administrator’s acceptance of the customer's application to use the OCS, be given a user ID, a password and a pass code for each of the authorised users indicated on their application. The user IDs, passwords and pass codes cannot be changed by the customer. The user ID, passwords and pass codes will be changed periodically by the OCS administration team and the customer will be notified. The user IDs, passwords and pass codes will be sent by email to the customer's email address specified on their application form. Only when the customer has entered this information correctly during login, will access be granted.

The OCS Portal Administrator will also, within a reasonable time following its acceptance of the customer's application to use the OCS, implement the necessary authorisation with the OCS to enable access by the customer.

The connection between the customer and the OCS Portal and the link from the OCS Portal to the database of each participating coordinator is protected by SSL (Secure Socket Layers) which encrypts the data with the intention of ensuring privacy.

The OCS is a web application accessed from a web browser on the PCs of the customer's authorised users. Customers who have built a firewall system between their Local Area Network (LAN) and the Internet, should be able to let the OCS messages pass without problems since these communications are based on the standard web protocols HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) and HTTPS (Secure HTTP) supported, as far as we are aware, by practically all commercial firewall products.

The transfer of some restricted pages of the OCS is encrypted by use of the HTTPS protocol. Customers do not need to have a X.509 client certificate installed in their web browser in order to access these restricted pages. When in doubt, customers can consult with their firewall system vendor for configuring the firewall filters or proxy servers for HTTP and HTTPS. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that its firewalls allow the use of the OCS.

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