Online Coordination System Description

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Support from the OCS Portal Administrator
In addition to the online Help accessed from the OCS, the OCS Portal Administrator offers access to a Customer Service Centre (CSC) to support all its customers and deal with any queries that they may have. The CSC team is also responsible for assisting the customers in setting up and configuring their access to the OCS. Queries concerning any aspect of the OCS, access or problems encountered during configuration should be directed to the CSC. The CSC team is only available during office hours (0800 - 1800 UK local Monday to Friday) and may be contacted by telephoning +44 (0) 20 8564 0600.

The customer will need to successfully complete a security check using the question and answer pairs set out in the customer's application when contacting the CSC to identify that they are an authorised OCS customer.

When using the OCS simply click on the Help button to provide the contact information for the CSC.

Support from the Internet Service Provider
In case of communications problems the customer should, in the first instance, consult the maintenance services of their Internet Service Provider (ISP). The CSC will be happy to discuss this problem but will be unable to help resolve customer or ISP based communication problems.

The user interface to OCS has been designed to be as intuitive as possible for those with scheduling experience. Customers will have access to online Help when accessing the OCS and the CSC which should be able to deal with most customer queries.

For users who require additional training on OCS a half day training course on managing slots online and how to respond to system acknowledgements is available.

Contact the Customer Service Centre for more information.


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